If you receive a Phone call saying there is a problem with your computer “HANG UP”
They May Say they are From Telstra or Microsoft and your Computer is Infected and they will disconnect you…  – Its Not trus- Its A Scam
DO NOT “EVER” give someone over the phone access to your Comuter.
If a Website pops up saying to Call Microsoft Support Do Not Ring it – it is a Scam.

Click Here to Visit Australian Goverment ScamWatch Website


Try Holding ALT Key and Push F4 a few times….
Programs To Avoid – Do Not Install Any Of The Below…

Optomiser Pro.
System Tweak

Anything that Sounds Like Above
Any toolbars inc “Ask & Conduit”
Fake antivirus programs saying you need to pay to remove Infections.
Never Ever put in your Credit card Details for something your not sure about