Do Not Ever open Emails From list below.
These Emails have what is called Crypto Virus’s
If you click on the information within these emails all your files will be Encrypted.
you will then be asked to Pay A Ransom in order to attempt to get your Files Decrypted.
Best way to Avoid these is.
  1. Never Open emails that you are not expecting.
  2. Never click on the links within emails.
  3. If you receive emails asking you to log into a Website (Paypal, Facebook, Apple, Itunes, Playstation etc ) Do not click on the Links within Email.
  4. Ensure your Antivirus is up to date.
  5. Most Importantly – Back up All Your Data to an External drive on a regular basis. – Keep External unplugged when not using.



List of some of the Crypto Emails you May receive – Click On The Name after the Numbers below to view example


  1.  Australia Post – Example below ( If you miss a Delivery there will be a card in your letterbox – never Via Email Form )
  2. NSW State Revenue  ( Email saying you have committed a Speeding offense – You will never get a speeding fine in your email )
  3. AFP ( Australian Federal Police )
  4. FBI.
  5. AGL Electricity ( If there is a link to Show Invoice do Not Click on it – People using AGL for power easily get tricked into this one )
  6. Invoices for Products you have not purchased ( have seen Clients receive a Bill with Supposed Invoice attachment as A .Zip File or Word Document .DOC, .DOCX)
  7. Paypal Asking to Log In to A Fake Site.


                                                            Example Below